There's a main command [h!hypixel] with several subcommands.

Note: The user "Malwared" is just used as example. You can use any username.

Command Description Example
hypixel Retrieves basic information about a player. h!hypixel "Malwared"
bedwars Complete information about bedwars player h!h bw "Malwared"
murdermystery h!h mm "Malwared"
arcade h!h arcade "Malwared"
blitz h!h bsg "Malwared"
copsncrimes h!h cc "Malwared"
murdermystery h!h mm "Malwared"
crazywalls h!h cw "Malwared"
megawalls h!h mw "Malwared"
skyclash h!h sc "Malwared"
skywars h!h sw "Malwared"
smashheroes h!h sh "Malwared"
speeduhc h!h suhc "Malwared"
uhc h!h uhc "Malwared"
duels h!h duels "Malwared"
verify Verifies your minecraft account. h!h verify "Malwared"


Command Description Example
history Gives you someone's past usernames h!history "Malwared"
skin Displays someone's skin h!skin "Malwared"
uuid Sends someone's uuid. h!uuid "Malwared"
minime Gives a minime of your minecraft skin. h!minime "Malwared"
server Basic infomation about any minecraft server. h!server ""


Command Description Example
about Basic information about the bot. h!about
feedback Gives feedback about the bot. h!feedback "add a smash heroes command"
invite Invite the bot to your server. h!invite
support Join the support server. h!support
upvote Upvote the bot on the website h!upvote


Hello, as you may have noticed already this is a Discord Bot that retrieves all kind of information related to Hypixel. This bot began to be developed around August 2017, mainly for a private community which played mostly bedwars and was also inspired on the Hypixel Bot from Snuggle.
The bot was never 100% private and when people started adding it to their servers I gained more interest on the project and been working in it everyday since then.


There are many ways you can use to reach me and ask for support, however the main ones are the Discord Server and the Bot itself. But you can clearly use the other methods such as pm'ing me on the Hypixel Forums, replying on the Bot Thread or adding me on Discord under the name "Ice#5555".